We want your passion for music

to be heard everywhere on Earth.



We created Fanify because we believe every artist deserves to have their music heard by an audience who convert into a fanbase.

While experiencing how the music industry is changing and the struggles that artists go through, we set out to create something that takes the pain out of music promotion and does all the work for you.



Fanify was created in 2021 by an award winning team of Irish music and technology professionals.

The core founders have over 5 decades of combined music and technology experience - including building multiple successful global technology startups and a portfolio of extensive music industry enterprises (e.g. music production, artist promotion and record label management).



You are an artist and not a marketer. Spend your time doing what you love and we'll help you achieve your music career goals.

Go back to playing music and let Fanify build your fanbase.

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